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New Westminster, British Columbia Canada
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    New Westminster British Columbia, Canada
  • About: might be thinking, who on earth wants to be known as "The Deodorant Girl"?? Well, I do!!! I am very passionate about educating people about limiting the amount of chemicals we expose ourselves to where we can. It's shocking and scary that there are still so many people who don't know that what you put on your body ends up INSIDE your body!!

    Not too many people think twice about what they put on their armpits but it's a ridiculously important part of the body for the removal of toxins via your sweat glands and the axillary lymph nodes. What you put ON your underarms, not only gets absorbed back into your body (more specifically right into your lymphatic system and breast tissue) but also impedes your body's ability to excrete toxins from that location....meaning....they stay in your body longer, possibly creating other, more serious issues over the long term.

    Organic-You! deodorant is made from all-natural and organic ingredients that are safe enough to use on every member of your household (even babies if you really wanted to). There isn't a single thing in them that will hurt your body, in fact...the ingredients used in Organic-You! deodorants actually improve the skin, leaving underarms feeling silky smooth.
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